Monday, June 22, 2009

A (H1N1) Season.

Hey, hey are you okay?
Hey, hey are you okay?

These are the lines we used to say during our fascilitated practice for CPR/AR.


But now, I think that these are also the words that we're hear from our Clinical Instructors.

These past few days, some students from our college we're alarmed by Influenza A (H1N1) virus. A virus declared by the WHO as pandemic. Some say that the carrier was a Med Student and has been confined in the hospital for treatment.

Last friday, one of my classmates (which whom I was in close contact with) manifested such symptoms of the threatened A (H1N1) virus. She was sent to the ER with me and my other classmates. After the assessment, she was released by the hospital wearing face mask, then we also decided to buy our own. We were like odd that day.


After this weekend, Archeans 2012 of UERM CON were subjected to the ER for some flu-like complaints. I was one of them too.

We were very comfortable indeed. :3
We were like standing for almost 4-5 hours and it was a hot sunny day.

Lucky enough, the administrators of UERMMMCI declared suspension of classes to all colleges on that very moment also.


LRT Freaks.

Arriving at Recto Terminal Station -- Paparating na sa Recto Terminal Station...

Everytime I ride the LRT, I always notice these noticeable persons that make me laugh. Hahaha. Though these persons are beyond my concern and control.

They are really funny. :3

Most of them run when the train is approching to a nearby station. As if, they're caught with illegal drugs and that they have to run for their lives! Hahaha! :)) LOL.

Hayy, so much for that... Wala lang.